Is Exporting for Me? (MU Extension Publication BI51)

MU Extension Publication BI51, Is Exporting for Me?, is a free article available on the Extension Publications website (XPLOR). Some of the topics covered in Is Exporting for Me? include:
  • Reasons for exporting
  • Resources to assist
    • Private services
    • Government services
    • Other agencies
  • Export readiness development
  • Getting started

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Preparing for Global Marketing (MU Extension Publication BI52)

"Sure, I'd like to increase my sales, and if there was a way you bet I'd be interested!"

Sound like something you've heard before, or thought yourself? There is a way, and many companies are taking advantage of it right now, and so can you. It's called international sales.

Most companies, however, are reluctant to get involved in exporting because they don't know what to do or how to get started. Now there is a book that shows the way. It's called Preparing for Global Marketing, and provides a six step process for helping a firm become export ready.

There are many resources available to the new-to-export company. So help is at hand. But one of the first things the company will face is the need to be export ready.

What is export ready? Well, there is no official definition. But most export service providers will agree that when a firm is prepared to respond to potential overseas trade contact they are export ready. There are other factors that also determine a company's export readiness. These include targeting priority markets (there are more than 117 countries that are generally considered to be viable markets), identifying market-entry strategies (nine are considered to be basic to international sales), and developing an international marketing plan (every company needs some type of marketing plan).

These, and other aspects, are all covered thoroughly in Preparing for Global Marketing. Written by an experienced international sales manager, this publication introduces six steps that help you become export ready, and then it walks you through those steps. It concentrates on creating an international marketing plan and provides marketing concepts and methods for establishing global distribution. It includes information about programming, promotion, pricing and being proactive. Then, it goes one step further and provides an example plan that will have you well on your way to being export ready.

Topics covered:

Going global
  • Exporting reasons
  • Resource assistance
  • Export readiness development
  • Getting started


  • Resources directory
  • Electronic resources
  • Printed resources
  • National Trade Data Bank (NTDB) Guides

Global strategic planning

  • Market research
  • Market-entry strategies
  • International marketing plan
  • International marketing plan outline
  • International marketing plan example
Methods, tools and work plans
  • Global distribution
  • International promotion
  • International distributor pricing concept
  • Direct mail survey
  • Trade shows and travel
  • Primary market research work plan
  • Global market start-up work plan

Programs and forms

  • International sales program
  • Advertising co-op program
  • Distribution application form
  • Business information form

What the experts are saying about Preparing for Global Marketing...

"Our company, which produces Kicker speakers, is a prime example of success in applying the concepts provided in Preparing for Global Marketing. Only two years after Brian started helping us we received the Oklahoma SBA "Exporter of the Year" award. Since then we've established distribution in 43 countries, and exports are a significant portion of our sales."
— Joe Akin, Director of International Marketing, Stillwater Designs, Stillwater, OK

"Companies throughout Missouri have the potential to enter the global market but do not know where to start. This book provides companies with key resources that are needed to investigate the international market."
— Angela Overkamp Kinworthy, President of the Central Missouri International Trade Club, Jefferson City, MO

"The concepts and procedures Brian presents in Preparing for Global Marketing continues to work for our company. Last year we were honored with the "Exporter of the Year" award applying his strategies in the state of Missouri. We are pleased that his expertise has reached the market place in such an easy to use format. Thanks again Brian for your valued input."
— Stephen and Julie Brents, Brents Sportswear, Inc., Fayetteville, AR

"The Preparing for Global Marketing manual is very comprehensive and overall should be a useful resource for companies preparing to 'go international.' I think our staff would benefit from it as well."
— Tom Strauss, Director, U.S. Export Assistance Center, Kansas City, MO

"Before jumping into the global marketplace, it is important to assess the company's export potential and commitment. Much of the value of an international plan comes from the export-readiness evaluation. This book walks the new-to-export company through the process step by step."
— Sara Jackson, South Texas Border International SBDC Trade Center, San Antonio, TX

Who can use this publication?

This book was designed for the company who has never been involved in exporting and wants to become export ready. It can serve as a start-up manual that is applicable to:
  • New-to-export companies.
  • Businesses currently exporting but want to expand to new markets.
  • Service providers who would like a better understanding how a firm can get started in their export development process.
  • Instructors and students who want to learn how to get started in exporting.

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