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Information Sheet:
Letter of Credit Instructions

Please include the following details in your letter of credit to be issued in reply to our Proforma Invoice No.:______ Dated:______. If you have any questions regarding these instructions, please contact Company Name.

  1. Type of Letter of Credit: irrevocable letter of credit.

  2. Advised by:

    and made payable at their counters.

  3. Beneficiary:

    Company Name
    Company Address
    City, State USA

  4. Payable:
    1. in U.S. dollars not to exceed:____________
    2. at sight
    3. ________ days (from date of Bill of Lading)
    4. by U.S. reimbursing bank

  5. Bank Charges:
    1. outside the beneficiarie's country are for the account of the applicant.
    2. for amendments, are for the account of the applicant.

  6. Description: (Use as 'generic' a description of your products as possible, i.e., 'valves' — not 150 psi, class II, cast iron, float valve!)

  7. Transhipment: Allowed

  8. Partial Shipment: Allowed (Company Name) agrees not to ship less than 80% of L/C value without prior applicant approval.

  9. Shipping Date: 90 days after opening date (of L/C).

  10. Expiry Date: 21 days after shipping date (as stated in L/C).

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Last modified: February 24, 2012.
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