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Preparing for Global Marketing materials online

CERTS offers a one-day training program entitled Preparing for Global Marketing that is designed to assist firms in developing their export sales potential. The training program is based on the materials provided in the published book of the same title. To encourage firms who are new to exporting to make a commitment to explore their global market opportunities, many of the materials from the training are now available on this website. (Click on to get a document in PDF format. See our PDF help page for technical details on PDF files.)
  1. Topical Information
    1. Market Research
    2. Market Entry Strategies
    3. International Marketing Plan
    4. International Promotion
    5. Pricing
    6. Travel (Here vs. There)
  2. General
    1. Exporters' Outline
    2. Exporters' Checklist
  3. Action Programs
    1. Direct Mail Survey
    2. International Sales Program
    3. Advertising Co-op Program
    4. Primary Market Research Work Plan
    5. Global Marketing Start-Up Work Plan
  4. Forms
    1. Distributor Application Form
    2. Business Information Form
    3. Letter of Credit Instructions
    4. Letters:
      1. Solicitation
      2. Response

It is strongly recommended that firms interested in using these materials for establishing international sales and distribution contact CERTS and schedule the Preparing for Global Marketing one-day training program, and/or order the book for a more complete understanding of the materials' application.

For further information, please contact CERTS by phone at 573-592-8062 or by e-mail at brian@export-ready.com .

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