Export Readiness Information Series

Please note: We are working to make this series available as a set of web pages. For now, though, the series is available only as printer-friendly PDF files. These may take a few minutes to download -- thanks for your patience!

Global Awareness and Networking

The Export Development Process
1. Introduction to GANT
2. Defining the Export Development Process
3. Defining Export Readiness
4. Overview of the Roles
5. Slide
6. Global Marketing Assist and Facilitating Continuum

Resources to Assist
1. Resources- Printed
3. Resources- State
4. Resources- U.S. Documents
6. Resources- University
7. Resources- Private Sector
8. Resources- Electronic

Forming Your Export Team
1. Networking Introduction
2. Export Team Form
3. Using Export Network

Exporter Outline and Checklists
1. Exporter Outline  
2. Internal Exporterís Checklist
3. External Exporterís Checklist

Ways to Help
1. Outline for Action
2. Suggested Processes
3. Creating Awareness
4. Travel and Visits

Understanding Market Research
1. How and Why of Market Research
2. Harmonized System - coming soon
3. National Trade Data Bank

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