Center for Export Readiness 
Training and Services

This section provides information regarding the Center's programs, services and materials. It explains "export-readiness" to assist the new-to-export firm to use available state and federal export trade promotion services.

Export Readiness Information Series
This series has been designed for export trade assistance staff. The files were selected from a training manual that is available from CERTS. They provide a base understanding of Global Awareness and Networking, two key roles for the trade assistant.

Export Marketing Information Series
This series was designed for company managers who are involved in the export development process. The information was selected from the publication Preparing for Global Marketing, available from CERTS. 

Publications from CERTS
Two publications created by the Export Development Program that was formerly part of the University of Missouri Extension program are available from CERTS. 

Newspaper Articles
Tha Kansas City Small Business Monthly newspaper has published over 15 export related articles prepared by Brian Gauler, Executive Director of CERTS. Reprints of these articles appear in this section, and provides additional insights into the select topics. 

Center for Export Readiness Training and Services
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